Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cousin Camp Day Four: Beach Day!

We didn't set our alarm clocks and slept in a little (8:00) before we headed to the beach.

Harper watching some Mickey Mouse before breakfast
Harper had cereal with milk for the first time this morning. I think she liked it...
We are ready for the beach. Hey, a girl's got to accessorize.
Sarah Jane and Harper waiting for the cars to be loaded up
Oh, Harper Reese. She thought the shovel was a spoon. She ate a whole mouthful of sand.
The babies LOVED it (see previous picture....)!
"But I want to eat the sand!"
Landon and Jordyn
Harper was SO ready for a nap, but someone (eh hem...Misti) locked Mom's keys in her van so we had to wait for the locksmith.
Taking a rest/snack break with Grammy
Cute little SJ
NOW she's loving the sand!
Love that Harper booty
Riley and Harper dragging the boats out
Mom and I went into Galveston to shop on the strand and pick up some stuff for dinner. The kids hung out on the porch and played while we were gone.
Harper carried around this camera for a long time pretending to take pictures.
All of the kids eating dinner
Man, I can't get enough of this baby!
Harper got to skype with Daddy while she ate.
A little dessert

What's a beach vacation without a shrimp boil? Mom and I picked up 4 lbs of shrimp in Galveston, and we all had a part in making it come together. It was AWESOME!

Not so appetizing here
Almost done
We had SUCH a great day! We are all a little crispy, but we survived with no shark attacks. ;) Tomorrow we may go swimming in the community pool in the morning then head into Galveston to do some kind of indoor activity. Our skin needs a break from the sun!

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