Friday, July 15, 2011

Cousin Camp Day Five: Part One

We had planned on taking the kids to the swimming pool this morning, but it started raining and didn't expect it to stop until the afternoon. We had thought about finding some indoor activities since we were so burned from yesterday but didn't really have much to choose from in a place where the outdoor activities is what brings people here! We loaded everyone up and ate at a local pizza place. My mom and sister Amy took the two babies back to the beach house for naps while the rest of us headed to Seawolf Park.

I am SO glad we went! This was a perfect activity for the four older kids where they didn't have to stay locked up in the house all day because of the rain. We toured the USS Cavalla submarine first which was used in WWII.
The kids LOVED looking at all of the gadgets!
The submarine sits right next to the USS Stewart destroyer escort.

Playing at Seawolf Park after the tours.
We stopped at Rita's on the seawall for some frozen custard.
We shopped a little before we finally made it back to the beach house. We dressed the kids up in coordinating outfits after dinner and headed back down to the beach for pictures. That is another post in itself (Part two)! Seriously, we got some AWESOME pictures!

We let the kids play in the water for a while until the sun was almost set. I am so sad it's our last night here. This has been the best cousin camp so far. Everything has been perfect. The beach house is more than we could have asked for, and the time I have spent here with my mom, sisters, and or kids is priceless.

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