Monday, July 11, 2011

Cousin Camp Day 1: Destination One (La Grange)

I packed ALL day Sunday while Harper was trying to unpack our suitcase everytime I turned around. She's a mess!
I dropped Max off at the pet hotel at 7am this morning, headed back to the house to get Harper and I ready, packed the car up, and headed to my sister's house. We stuffed all of our stuff into my sister's car (including the kids....), and we were off by 9am!
Do these kids look excited or what?
We didn't even make it an hour before the babies got really sleepy. But do you think they actually went to sleep? Nope! There was some whining and fighting, but overall it wasn't unbearable.I reached back to give Harper her blanket and realized her diaper had leaked. A lot. We stopped in Coleman to change the very wet babies and have some lunch. There isn't much in this little town, but we found a cute little drug store/restaurant/gift shop called the Owl Drug Fountain. The kids meals came in these cute little cars! Harper was very distracted and tried driving her car the whole time she was trying to eat. Silly baby!Amy got a bag of chips with her meal. When she opened it, there were only FOUR chips in it! Pretty funny. :)
By this point, all 3 kids were EXHAUSTED! They were fading pretty fast.Harper having to hold her head up.AAANNNNDDDD.....They're out!The nap didn't even last an hour, and they were back to acting crazy.
We FINALLY got to Grammy's (my mom) house 9 hours later. We had a lot of stops for potty breaks and diaper changes. When these kids all get together, it's always a party. They put on a show which ended with a dance party with some pretty sweet moves. My kid can shake her groove thing with the rest of 'em.We are so excited to all be together. I love my sisters so much and always look forward to be together with all of our kids for a week! I'm not sure what we have planned for tomorrow, but we head to Sea Isle (Galveston) on Wednesday.


The Lovely One said...

Car rides with babies are always tough, but the family time is going to be worth it!

Jamie said...

yay! so much fun!!! enjoy your family time!