Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus!

After the air show, Harper and I took a LONG nap in preparation for the circus! We headed their early for the little pre-show.

She had fun running around outside while we waited for the doors to open.
I'm pretty sure I was more excited than any of us to be at the circus!
I think Harper ate her weight in popcorn.
A bit of the pre-show. The elephants were definitely my fave!

Being silly during intermission.
Daddy's turn!

These crazy girls were hanging by their hair! Insane!

The end. :(
We loved, loved, loved the circus! I am SO glad we were able to go and have such awesome seats. Harper was a bit freaked out by the loud noises. Michael went on a search to see if they had ear plugs for sale. They did not, but a sweet lady went into the back and got a pair for her! Harper did wonderful after the ear plugs!

I was a bit disappointed they didn't have any tigers in the show, though. Lame.

Sidenote:: I can definitely see why animal activists give the circus so much crap. I felt slightly uncomfortable for those animals. They just looked so sad!

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Jamie said...

we are going this summer so thanks for the advice on earplugs! i will have to remember those! but i am so sad that the animals looked sad :(