Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why must you drink your poop?

I would like to thank my sister, April, for the Gerber chicken sticks suggestion. As horrible as they look and smell, she sure did LOVE them! She almost finished off the entire jar for dinner tonight. I, on the other hand, threw up a little in my mouth before I even opened the jar.

So I made fajitas for dinner, and in order to do this without Harper whining the whole time, I gave her some vanilla pudding to eat by herself. Super idea. She had it everywhere.

(wow....why are her eyes dilated? anyway...)
I filled up her little pink bathtub and stuck her in there to play while I finished dinner. I know it isn't safe to leave her in there by herself, but I can see her from the kitchen. About 10 minutes passed, and Michael walked by and said, "She's drinking the bath water." I wasn't surprised since she does this a lot. She thinks it's hilarious to fill the cup up with water and pour it on her chest, but most of the time, it goes directly into her mouth instead. I went in there no more than a minute later to find DIARRHEA bath water. She wasn't worried about it at all. I had her stand in the bathtub while I washed her pink tub out and scrubbed it with Dial. Then I washed her head to toe with Dial. I just can't stop thinking of the fact that she more than likely drank diarrhea. That. Is. Awesome.

Oh the super fun things that find their way into my life!