Friday, April 15, 2011

Twins for a Day

Yesterday when I got home from work, I started feeling a little nauseous and started to get a headache. Maybe it was because I caught Harper licking an electrical outlet at work. Maybe not. I laid down for a little while after I put Harper down. Not 30 minutes later, she was awake. Why must she pick the days I don't feel good to take 30 minute naps? I brought her into my room hoping she would go back to sleep. Rigghhhtttt. She messed and messed until her daddy got home from work.
These are her bangs when they aren't pulled out of her eyes!
Using the more difficult approach to put her shirt on.

Yesterday evening I went to a Thirty One party at Lib's house. My back was hurting pretty back so I took some pain medication when I got there. Not the smartest idea I've ever had. I started feeling REALLY sick so I left to go home. I threw up on the way home...on the side of the road. Lovely. I continued that through most of the night and early morning. Maybe I have learned my lesson not to take that medication on an empty stomach! I was supposed to work this morning, but went ahead and got my shift covered last night just in case I was still sick in the morning. Luckily, I was finally able to get some sleep and felt fine this morning.

One of my friends had her wisdom teeth pulled, her 6 year old at home with a fever and needing to take him to the doctor, AND has a 21 month old and a 3 month old! I offered to pick Miss Gracie (she and Harper are 4 months apart) up so she wouldn't have to wrangle all 3 of them at the walk in clinic. We headed to the mall to play a little bit then eat some Chick-fil-a.

First of all, let me start by giving MAJOR props to any of you out there with multiples. On. My. Word. Gracie is SO sweet. Harper, on the other hand, continued to run away from the play area to look at the puppies. At least she wasn't stripping or licking any outlets. Geez. I was only there 15 minutes and already sweating.

Almost everyone who stopped to talk to the girls thought they were twins! I didn't correct them. :)

Gracie on the hippo.
Isn't she the sweetest?
When all you have is a single stroller, you improvise. Gracie didn't mind until Harper started pestering her from behind and messing with her earrings. I ended up having to switch them around.
Eating some Chick-fil-a.
The E@ster Bunny walked up to them and neither were impressed. AT. ALL. He was still nice enough to give them a book, though!
(Don't they look SO much alike here?!)
I dropped Gracie off after they finished up at the doctor's office, and I am laying in bed while Harper naps. I have a horrible headache again which is starting to make me feel sick to my stomach. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling it's the 100mph blowing DIRT outside!

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