Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's end the night with some vomit.

I started out today by oversleeping, not waking Michael up in time for him to get ready for church, then Harper and I rolling into church late. I picked her up from the church nursery after the sermon and took her back into the auditorium with me like I always do. Right when I sat down, I noticed a really bad bite on her right arm. She didn't seem too worried about it! I stopped by the nursery on the way out to the car just to ask if they had noticed it. They hadn't because she didn't cry the whole time she was in there. I really wonder if she bit herself! I know that sounds silly, but she is teething really bad right now and has been gnawing on her fingers and hands. Why not move on up to her arm? :)

It looks A LOT worse in the picture than in person.
This girl.....we are (hopefully) past the crayon eating phase but have unfortunately moved into the color on everything phase. At least it was washable this time around!
We headed over to Michael's dad's house this afternoon to hang out and eat dinner.
This girl thinks she owns the place.
Playing Aunt Alexa's piano
Harper LOVES her Aunt Alexa, and Alexa is SO good with her!

Here's a video of them playing on the trampoline together.
We didn't leave their house until after 8:30, so I changed her into her pj's before we left their house.
One tired little girl! (and lookin' a little rough)
I put her to bed when we got home then went back in to check on her and put some of her laundry away. She sat up and puked. A lot. Luckily, it all went on her blankie, and I didn't have to change her clothes or her sheet! We did, unfortunately, have to lay that poor blankie to rest. She has 5 more just like it. She'll be okay. I cannot say the same for the blankie.

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