Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We decided on a middle name! Her name is Harper Reese :)

I am currently in Charlottesville, VA right now and will be until the 30th. It is so beautiful here, and the weather is so mild compared to Texas....mid 80's most of the time. Fabulous! My 3 sisters and my 2 nieces left for DC yesterday and will be coming back today. I have been in Charlottesville babysitting my 2 three-year-old nephews, Charlie and Landon. They are 2 weeks apart and constantly argue most of the time. Oh. my. goodness. Thank you God with blessing me with only 1 baby for my first time! I don't know how you twin moms do/did it.

I miss Michael and my puppy :( I have been able to skype with them the past 2 nights which makes it a little better. I have never been away from them this long...and I still have a while to go. It IS nice being away from Lubbock though!

My mission when I get back to Lubbock is to find a full-time teaching position for the fall. Prayers would definitely be appreciated.

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A. Lee said...

I love the name!!