Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a............


Bring on the pink! Michael and I went in for a sonogram on Monday for the sole purpose of finding out the gender. As soon as the tech announced she was a girl, I turned to Michael and said, "I knew it!!" I always thought women were crazy for just "knowing" what the gender was. From the day I found out I was pregnant, I just knew she was a girl. Weird...but I knew.

I haven't scanned the pictures from the sonogram yet but will soon. As soon as I got out of my appointment, I hit the road for a month-long vacation! I got to Pflugerville around 11pm and spent the night at my friend Jennifer's house. I got to see her precious baby girls, Mallory and Kelby, and my friend Erin who is staying with her for a while.

Around lunch time on Tuesday, I went to La Madeline's for lunch (YUM!) and walked around IKEA for a little while. I absolutely LOVE that store. I wish there was one closer to Lubbock. I headed to my sister Misti's house in Bastrop to spend about a week there. I have been hanging out with Jordyn and Landon...going to swimming lessons, getting sno cones, and planning on a movie this afternoon.

I fly out Monday to VA for sister vacation until the 30th and then back to Bastrop until the 5th. That's what I call a vacation! I plan on doing some shopping for Harper :) I have already bought her 4 bows and an outfit. I seriously need to control myself.


*All About Us Three* said...

YAY!!! Super exciting! Her name is very adorable, love it! :)

Jamie said...

congrats melo! you will be a great mom! harper is a very lucky little lady! have a great vacation!

Kristin said...

Yay for girls!! They are so fun to shop for! :) Have fun on your LONG vacation!!

April L. said...

It's SO hard to control your spending with a baby girl! I can't wait to start shopping for Harper!

John, Kisti & Maren said...

Hi Melody,
It know it's been forever, but I came across your blog today! Congratulations;) You will have a blast with a girl!
I'm prego, too. Just over a month ahead of you.
Praying all is well,