Sunday, June 15, 2008

I made the choice yesterday to change my life. Up until this point, I have been completely miserable in my own skin. Why you ask? Because I have gained 60 pounds in the last 2 1/2 years. What in the world?

So, I am starting this new blog....for my new journey. I am on my way to being 60 pounds lighter.

I also confess that before today, Michael and I hadn't been to church in quite a while. I no longer had a valid excuse....I just didn't want to go. There were so many points during worship that I could have broken down in many emotions running through me.

In 7 days, my sister and her family will be moving 1500 miles away from me when I am used to them only being a couple minutes away. I knew I would start crying as soon as I began writing this.... I can't even begin to describe what Amy means to me. She is way more than a sister. She is one of my best friends. She and Andy have done so much for me, and I know I will never be able to repay even half of it. Charlie has filled the void that Michael and I have delt with this past year after losing a baby. I am going to miss the 3 of you more than you will ever know. I love you.


Amy B. said...

Good grief. Make me cry why don't you. I think I'll be crying all week.

Misti von Minden said...

I love your new blog look:)

Hang in there....we are all here for you. Things will get better!!!

I know it is so hard to see Amy, Andy and Charlie move so far away, but the next three years are going to go by so fast. At least me know that they intend on moving back to TX after their three year stay.

Kaylane said...

Thanks for being so honest Mel! David and I went through the same thing with church a while back, but we are finally at a good place where God is reaching out for us and we can HEAR Him! I will be praying for the same thing to happen to you!

I love you!

April L. said...

You made me cry too! I'm so proud of you for making the decision to lose weight and get back into church. I know it will make all the difference in how you feel. Life's too short to be miserable.

Ashley said...

It was REALLY good to get to hang out with you both yesterday. New blog for a new chapter.

I pray that the next few months bring new joy and fulfillment that comes only for relying fully on God.

Amy leaving breaks my heart too. We can console together.

Hang in there!

M'chelle said...

Just wanted to say I am thinking of you. Obviously I didn't know about your loss, but I am so sorry to hear it. I enjoy reading your blog and love your new look! Have a blessed day!

Grammy Forest said...

Melody, I'm very proud of you for making the decisions you are making. It's not easy. Love the look of your new blog. I know God is working in your life and has been all along. A lot of times we wonder what is happening, but we sometimes have tear down to be able to build up on the right foundation for our lives. We love you and Michael so much and have faith in your love for one another. You both can do this together with God as your Guide.

Brittany Dawson said...

I love you long time!

Auntie Ann said...

It makes me sad they are going to be even farther away than they already are. I will be praying for you and Michael. Remember we love you and will help anyway we can.

Janna said...

I love the new banner. Very cute!

Hang in there! God knows the desires of your heart!