Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I love TEXAS.

It's true. I love Texas. I grew up here and don't plan on ever leaving. I decided Harper and I needed a little vacation and tagged along with Michael to the hill country. I dropped Michael off at his mom's house in Austin Monday night, and Harper and I drove to Bastrop to my sister's house.

Today since Misti's kids were in school and she had to work, Harper and I met my mom and some other ladies from church for lunch. After lunch, we made a mad dash to the wildflowers to take some pictures of Harper. If you aren't from Texas then you just don't get it. I realize that, but Texans are PROUD. I just can't help myself! :)

Pretty cute kid, right? She only fell over a couple of times during the shoot and got one cut on her leg. She WILL love these flowers. I'm raisin' her right... ;)

So after the pictures, we headed to Warrenton for the bi-annual antique show. Oh how I LOVE this place! I was on a mission to find one thing...an antique wooden highchair. I found it! And it's perfect! Harper also got to play with her friend Grady, and I got to chat with 2 of my favorite people...Karissa and Brittany.

We are now back in Bastrop for the night. Tomorrow is my baby daddy's 33rd birthday! We are planning on roaming the Round Rock outlets and IKEA, eating at The Salt Lick, and taking Harper to Kiddie Acres before we pack up the car to head back to Lubbock tomorrow afternoon. Get excited! :)

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