Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Santa came to our house a night early this year! Harper was super excited about her new doll house and played for a good while before we had to force her to see what else Santa brought. I had a really cute video of her reacting to her presents with "Oh cool!" But someone....not mentioning any ahold of my phone and deleted it! I was so sad!

We had Christmas today with Papa, Grandma Mary, and Alexa. We went over a little before noon, had a wonderful lunch, and then opened presents after. We had a great time! Harper LOVES going to their house.

Super excited to open presents

Sweet! A barbie!!
Her new puppy
I am so blessed.
It has been snowing here all day, and it is finally starting to stick! I'm not sure I have ever had a white Christmas! We are headed out in the morning to go to my mom's for a week, so I am praying the roads aren't as bad as we are anticipating.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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~she~ said...

My daughter wore those same pajamas on Christmas last year! It really brings back memories! We didn't have a white Christmas either. In fact, we haven't gotten any snow this entire season, which is really odd for us. Hope you had a great day!