Monday, October 3, 2011

What's in a Name?

People ask me all the time how we came up with Harper's name. Before we even got married, we had planned on using all "M" names for our kids. How confusing would that be? I mean, we are already Michael and Melody McKee, and our dog is Max! Seriously, what were we thinking? I'm glad we skipped over that fabulous plan.

When we first found out we were pregnant, we had it pretty narrowed down to which names we liked. Honestly, I can't even think of them! "Harper" wasn't on our list. We hadn't really even heard of it being used much. One night we were driving back to Wilson after grocery shopping in Lubbock, listening to Ben Harper. I love Ben Harper. His voice just calms me for some reason. We used his song "Forever" in our wedding. If you have never listened to this song, do it. It's awesome. Anyway, back to the story. So we were driving back to Wilson just listening to the music. I just randomly said that I liked the name "Harper" for a girl, and that was that. Harper was our girl name. We decided to wait to choose a middle name until we knew the gender. No need to waste time coming up with a name if she turned out to be a he. We had "Cohen" picked out for a boy. We really weren't set on it, but that's what we were telling people.

The day we found out she was in fact a "Harper," I had already planned to drive to my parents' house in La Grange. The whole way there I was trying to come up with a middle name. Michael suggested "Ann" which is my middle name. It sounds great and all, but I am a freak about initials. She would have been "HAM." What if she's chubby in middle school? Kids will make fun of her! So "Ann" was thrown out.

My sweet friend Jennifer gave birth to triplets in November 2007 at 24 weeks gestation. Sweet baby girl, Evan Reese, went to be with Jesus just 5 short hours after birth. I had always loved the name Reese, so after a couple of failed attempts at trying to agree on a name, I texted Michael to ask him what he thought about "Harper Reese," and we actually agreed on a name for our baby girl! Then I texted Jennifer to let her know we would be using that name in remembrance of her angel baby.

So there you have it.

How did you come up with your kids' names?

Having worked in the school system and child care, a lot of crazy names come up. What I want to say is..."Do you seriously think your kid is going to get that job with "Precious" at the top of her resume?" I bite my tongue for now, but I can't promise anything for the future.

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~she~ said...

Ha preschool I had a Feath'r (yes with an apostrophe) and a Jasome' (pronounced Jazz Mo-nay). Let's assume someone was still trippin' from the epidural. ???

My kids are named after people in my family. #1's name is based on my late FIL's name and #4 only has a family middle name. But they're still after some of my favorite people.