Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maddy is 3!!

This past Sunday we celebrated Maddy's 3rd birthday! I LOVE this kid! He is SO funny. He has such an incredible story, and he's only 3. I am so thankful he was brought into Kim and Brooke's lives. He is one lucky kid to be loved so much!

He had a construction party, and it was AWESOME! Brooke and Kim did an awesome job with the decorations and fun activities for the kids.
Sweet Maddy!

I made Maddy this tractor shirt for his birthday!

Check out these cups for the kids! So cute!
The last activity was to paint the house. The kids had so much fun. Of course, there was some painting each other, stepping in the paint, and eating the paint. But everyone had a great time!
Most of the construction crew.
Thank you, Maddy, for letting us celebrate with you!

TTC Update:
Cycle 2
CD 5: Start Clomid 10/14/11

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