Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Before I dive into our fun-filled Labor Day activities, I have to express how much my heart is breaking for the people who have lost their homes tonight. Wildfires are 0% contained in Bastrop County along with fires all over areas of Texas. My mom, sister Misti, and her two kids are here visiting for the weekend. My aunt (who lives with my mom in La Grange) called this evening saying their neighborhood was being evacuated due to fires. It has been so scary all evening as we sat glued to our iPhones, searching for updates. Mom's house is okay for right now, but so many people are left without their homes today. Several of my sister Misti's friends have lost their homes. (Misti lives in Bastrop) I can't imagine. All I can do is pray. Thank you to the men and women who are risking your lives to fight these fires.

Photo from Facebook of the fires in Bastrop County

The family got into town on Friday around 6pm. We had dinner, hung out, and the kids played together. I am so thankful all of our kids love each other so much!
Saturday, Michael, Harper, and I met everyone over at my sister's house to decide what the plan was for the day. We, of course, had to get some pictures of our cute kids.

Jordyn and Sarah Jane
The two "babies"
Harper in her game day get-up!
She found Charlie's boots....
Charlie and Landon (2 weeks apart in age)

We went to Fuzzy's Taco Shop for lunch. If you haven't eaten there, you should! The tempura fish tacos are amazing!

Michael got stuck at the kid's table.
Misti and mom took the babies home for naps while the rest of us hung out at Bodyworks for some laser tag, ropes course, video games, and soccer.

Jordyn and Michael
Me and Landon
Playing soccer
We contemplated going to the pool after Bodyworks, but we just rested for a while instead. After dinner we went to Maxey Park to wear the kids out a little.

Sarah Jane

Landon and Jordyn
We were only at the park for about 40 minutes before a huge wall of dirt started heading our way. We ran to the cars and got the heck out of dodge before the dirt storm took us over. We grabbed some ice cream from Sheridan's then headed back to my sister's house for the evening.

Today we hung out at Amy's house until Joyland opened at 2pm. The weather was PERFECT! It was cloudy and hung around the 70 degree mark for most of the afternoon. We were almost too cold for the amusement park! How crazy is that?!

Landon and Charlie
Landon, Charlie, and Jordyn

The babies stayed home with my mom so they could nap. Mom isn't so much a ride kind of person, so she didn't mind taking one for the team to snuggle with these stinky babies. :)

Sarah Jane and Harper
This evening we spent most of the time seeking updates on the wildfires. The family heads back to La Grange and Bastrop in the morning, and I head back to work tomorrow afternoon. We had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to do it again next year!

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