Friday, August 26, 2011

Bye Bye Paci

Harper went to the Family club while I went to my meeting today. I texted Barbra to see how Harper was doing, and she sent this picture to me. I would say she was doing just fine! As you can see, she enjoyed her oreos!
I picked her up around 3 and decided on the drive home Harper was going to throw her paci in the trash and say "bye bye." She was SO tired so I figured she would be too worn out to care whether she had her paci or not. She kept repeating "bye bye paci" over and over and over while I changed her diaper and put her in the crib. As soon as I walked out, she lost it.

This is what I heard for an hour and a half....

It was brutal. I finally got her out of her crib and let her play. I was SO close to giving in and handing her a paci.
I was REALLY dreading bed time tonight. I got her ready for bed and set her in the crib. I left her lamp on and gave her a book to read. After about 5 minutes, she threw the book out and started to whine a little. I gave her some milk, turned the light off, and walked out. Less than 5 minutes later, she was asleep!

Sweet, sweet baby.
I pray she sleeps well and the next few days without her beloved paci are great for all of us! Part of me is SO sad she won't have her paci anymore. She's growing up too fast, and I don't like it.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I am so glad she went to sleep quickly. I hope things continue to go well.

~she~ said...

Losing the paci is one of the hardest things ever! I know my almost 3-year old would still be sucking on one if I allowed it. She still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth so sometimes I wonder if I took it away too early. Your journey went much better than ours. I even blogged about it. It was brutal!