Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OH what a DAY!

Harper and I went to work this morning, and Kendy (my co-worker) gave her some powdered donuts. Later we noticed a white hand print on a baby's head. Hmm...I wonder how that got there? Also, Brooke who is the assistant at another Bodyworks location had her kids in my Kids Club this morning. When she was leaving, she couldn't find her keys anywhere! She went back and looked in all the places she had been in the gym, in her car, went through her bag, and all over the Kids Club. My kid put them in the diaper champ. Awesome.
After Harper's nap, I desperately needed a Sonic coke, so I picked some drinks up for my sister and delivered them to her house. Her kids, Charlie and Sarah Jane, were playing in the backyard so Harper joined them. She was in a cute Polo dress so I stripped her down to her diaper.

Harper and SJ going for a drive
Oh my word, my kid is cute.
She found the mud!
Trying to dump the bucket of mud into the pool
SJ face planted in the mud and may have eaten some too. Oh well.
LOVE SJ's face in this one!
Why are you guys laughing at me? Do I have something on my butt?
The Roberts threw the Bowmans (my sister and her family) a "Welcome back to Lubbock" party tonight at their neighborhood pool. We had a great time hanging out with friends, and the kids had a great time swimming. Well, Harper had a few unfortunate moments but will get to that later.

SJ, Charlie, and Harper
Emma Kate and Easton joined in the fun. It was SO great to see you, Foster family!
Harper only almost drowned once before I was able to get the floaties on her, but Kristin jumped in and saved her.
So onto one of the unfortunate events....Harper saw all of the other kids on the diving board so she decided she would try it out. She chickened out and started crawling backwards to get off the board. She lost her balance and flipped over and fell on her back on the concrete, hitting the back of her head and busting her lip open. Diving board fail.
Now onto the other unfortunate event that may haunt me the rest of my life. First off, my child has an obsession with wearing things on her wrists/arms as bracelets. We were sitting around eating dinner by the pool when Harper walked up with a "bracelet" on. After looking a little closer, I took it off to actually see what it was....
Have you guessed it yet? Look at the size compared to my hand...
What? You don't find Nuvarings at your neighborhood pool?

**I am about 95% sure this is what it was unless someone can prove me wrong. Is there any manufacturer markings on a Nuvaring? Seriously, PLEASE prove me wrong! I may be able to avoid the nightmares if you do.


April L. said...

Who's "Aqua Swim School" float is that? Is that mine that I gave to you or Amy? That needs to come to the beach because it's awesome to put a baby in that, wrap you're arms around it, and ride the waves.

As far as what you found...GROSS TIMES A MILLION!!!!!!!!! I can't think of an alternative to what that might be.

~she~ said...

Oh my word! I cannot imagine finding that at my pool! Do you know anyone who um, uses them?

What a sad story about the diving board mishap!

Glad you took off the cute polo dress before the mud was discovered!

Rachel said...

Your child is so cute!

I don't know if I would go back to the pool. I don't think they can fall out.....

(hopped over from Jenna's)

Jaidi Clayton said...

at least it wasn't a used condom like I found on playgrounds before...ummm, gross, but yeah, that is pretty bad and yes it looks like a Nuvaring...

Single Mama said...

You're little one is precious :)

I can't believe that you found that at the pool - eewww.

Stopping by from Jenna's Journey.