Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Harper has a best friend. Her name is Juliana (or Ju Ju). This morning when I got Harper out of bed, she started crying (she's not a morning person just like her momma...). I said, "Do you want to go see Ju Ju?" She immediately stopped crying and said, "Ju Ju?"

Ju's mom and I work together, and they will be gone all summer. I'm pretty bummed about it, but I know they will be back in two short months (sigh). Harper goes to their house every Thursday from 12-3 while I go to meetings, so I wanted to do something for them before they left town for the summer.

We headed downtown and to campus for a fun photo shoot.


So pretty.
LOVE them.

Such a goofball.
She was getting pretty bored.

I'm going to miss y'all so much!

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Grammy Forest said...

Amazing photos, Melody, and beautiful subjects!You should start your own photography business.