Thursday, May 28, 2009

16 weeks

I went to my 16 week appointment today and heard the heartbeat for the first time! I was sad I didn't have a sonogram....but only 11 more days until we know what we are having! We scheduled my c-section for October 28th at 7:30 am!
I leave you with my baby bump.

16 weeks 4 days


Auntie Ann said...

You need to stand sideways so we can see the baby bump better. I think you need to change your c-section to the 24th. granddaddy's birthday.

Love, Auntie Ann

Melody Forest McKee said...

I wish I could! He only schedules inductions and c-sections on Mondays and Wednesdays :( So it was either the 26th or the 28th....but you never know! I could possibly go into labor a little before that!